Strategic Planning

Conceptualization and Overseeing

Welcome to Local Producer Strategic Planning, Communications and Event Production Services

Local Producer is your production strategy partner for organizing and implementation of business community development. 

Conceptualize and Advocate business development, marketing, sales/lead generation, and communication strategies for clients – then executing the live and digital implementation of projects.

Overseesource and direct, beginning-to-end, turn-key and bespoke solutions to meet a variety of needs, budgets and KPI´s of clients:

Token Sales Events / ICOs Production

International Conference and Trade Show Production

Communications & PR

✔ Open Innovation Design Workshops

✔ Manage Creative Branding Programs

✔ Dynamic Client Entertainment

✔ Organize International Bidding & Tender Projects

✔ Design, Build Conference Stands and Marketing Sets

✔ Staffing

✔ Transportation, Location Management & Logistics

✔ Multimedia Solutions

At Local Producer, we collaborate with clients to build communities and develop:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Storytelling Communication
  • Social Selling Strategies
  • Professional Engagement

We harness and nurture the Marketing, PR and Communication around Business Conversations and through our extensive network of media partners and through third parties, make sure it is delivered correctly to as many possible B2B and B2C eyeballs.

1: Conceptualizing, production planning and creation of live shows, trade fairs, congresses, business communities, advertising, branding experiences, concerts, installations, corporate and incentive events and then the development of ideas into ready-made productions
2: Overseeing the production services of such events and managing the operations, budget, design, logistics and coordinating third party providers from beginning to end, turn-key solution
3: Marketing, Social Media and Communication around such events to make sure that through our extensive network of media partners and through third parties the brand and the message is delivered to as many possible B2B and B2C eyeballs

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