Amsterdam – The Original Cool Event and Conference Location

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Amsterdam – The Original Cool Event and Conference Location

From its earliest days, Amsterdam has been a bustling hub of commerce that welcomed other cultures with open arms.  Amsterdam is an ideal conference destination, hosting many world-class conventions, events and (trade) fairs each year.  The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has a wide variety of venues, accommodation, entertainment and expertise sure to suit.

Amsterdam in numbers

Inhabitants: 811,185
Inhabitants in Amsterdam Metropolitan Area: 2,332,773
Nationalities: 178
Mayor: 1
Night Mayor: 1
Bicycles: 881,000 (estimated)
Percentage of people who cycle daily: 58%
Parks: 40
Trams: 216
Busiest tram line: 1 (36,000 users per day)
Ferry routes (provided by GVB): 9
Electric vehicle charging points 650 (and increasing)
Markets: 32
Shops: 6,159
Canals: 165
Canal Ring on UNESCO World Heritage List: 1
Bridges in the Canal Ring: 80
Houseboats: 2,500
16th, 17th and 18th century buildings: 8,863
Gable stones: 654
Royal Palace: 1
Windmills: 8
Museums: 75
Paintings by Rembrandt: 22
The Night Watch: 1
Civic Guard Gallery: 1
Paintings by Van Gogh: 207
Wax statues at Madame Tussauds: 140
Types of animal at Artis Royal Zoo: 900
Barrel organs: 4
Carillons: 9
Historical church organs: 42
Concerts and theatrical performances per year: 9,000
Concerts and theatrical performances per day: 25
Theatres and concert halls: 55
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra: 1
Dutch National Opera & Ballet: 1
Cinemas: 15
Cafés and bars: 1,515
Clubs: 16
Restaurants: 1,325
Hotels: 413
5-star hotels: 14
Hotel beds: 54,857
Campsites: 6