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Welcome to the Sharing Age!

At Local Producer, we collaborate with clients to build communities and develop strategies, keeping the customer’s experience at the heart of-it-all for:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Storytelling Communication
  • Social Selling 
  • Professional Engagement
  • Live and Digital Branding Experiences 

We conceptualise and nurture the Marketing, Communication, and Business Conversations of such strategies through our extensive network of media partners and third party communities to make sure the brand and the message is delivered to as many possible B2B and B2C eyeballs at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

Through The Line | Digital 360º

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) 
  • Content Marketing CMS management
  • Mobile

Below The Line | Hybrid

  • Sponsorships
  • Events

Community Building offers a powerful and cost-effective marketing solution and brand experience.  It allows your business to be in direct contact with existing and new clients.  It makes your brand more visible, personable, trustworthy and approachable through user-generated content (UGC) or consumer-generated media at every touchpoint. 

Let Local Producer help make your organisation stand out as a thought leader in the industry or marketplace.

FlywheelWe identify 5 stages to the process to optimise effective engagement:

  1. Segment your Organisation/Community and acknowledge its value
  2. Identify the demographics/firmographics, best channels and strategy to share information to increase your profile in the industry
  3. Optimise conversation through online experiences and marketing to position your brand as a thought leader
  4. Produce offline experiences as opportunities to promote your earned value and build interpersonal relationships.
  5. Communicate your acquired knowledge to continue your engagement.

We believe the most successful communications are built by strong communities which utilise consistent engagement strategies of inclusion and shared information.

+ International Agency powered by industry veterans

+ Strong focus on performance based channels

+ Local knowledge, executed with international standards

+ Identify your industry thought leaders and channel your message into putting your profile in the forefront


We argue there is as much–if not more–value from being the custodian of the customer experience than focusing on leads in a traditional sales funnel. The value from being the person or organisation that opens doors and shines light on the opportunity gained by creating a better experiences, which partners can engage across your profile. It is the concept of building trust across your profile for brands and towards bringing measurable value to all ecosystem partners. The added value of having stakeholders, including employees and customers, being drawn to these opportunities and identifying your profile as the main connector of value, as the optimal partner in navigating them towards success. The force behind the success that can be measured through profiting on the sales of products and services but also saving money and time through creating a more efficient and sustainable commercialisation process.

It seems many organizations and brands start out by trying to boil the ocean and quickly have to dilute their message or loose momentum by trying to sell themselves all the time. We argue a better use of our resources is to remove the friction that bogs down building more sustainable relationships. 

Instead, we focus on targeted campaigns with manageable goals that can demonstrate real wins in the short term, while allowing the community to engage further with fellow users for long-term engagement. 

These online community users want to see who is driving the action of their industry, actions that are productive, measurable and with–mostly–positive feedback. A community wants to see consistency in their experience with a brand and a constant value proposal in an organisation where customers trust to search, sort, learn and contribute to the ecosystem. 

IEEE European Parliament Innovation Experience 

European Union Horizon 2020 Grant Proposal 


Blockchain, NFTs and WEB3 Community Building and Communications


Live Event Communications


Digital Marketing Solutions

Community Building Solutions

Procurement Professional Group

Procurement Professionals

Procurement Professionals: Built the Largest Industry Community on LinkedIn

Procurement Professionals

Procurement Professionals: Produced and Managed Networking Event

Procurement Professionals Site

Procurement Professionals: Built and Manage their entire Online presence.

Gaming in Holland Platform


Gaming in Holland: Produce & Manage their Industry Conference


Gaming in Holland: Built Industry Community through strategic collaborations

THREE UK with SAMSUNG GALAXY Promotional Experience

Three UK Samsung

Three UK Communications & Samsung S6: Brand Activation in Barcelona with Videos

Facebookpage copy

Three UK Facebook Campaign

Final Facebook Campaign Video Posted by Three UK on Thursday, April 9, 2015

That’s a wrap. The Selfie Tour Bus has now retired. It’s been a blast. #holidayspam

Don’t forget if you’re heading to Spain this summer you too can use your phone there at no extra cost.

Posted by Three UK on Thursday, April 9, 2015


Keynote Presentations

Keynote Mashable

Keynote Presentation Mashable: Utilising Inbound Marketing and LinkedIn Groups to Improve Professional Engagement

Keynote IFPSM

Keynote Presentation IFPSM: Utilising Inbound Marketing, Social Selling and Community Building to Improve your Company Profile

Keynote Guiri Business

Keynote Presentation Guiri Business: Utilising Inbound Marketing and Community Building to Improve Job Opportunities