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Brian Heinen, a US national living in Europe since 2004. He has been working as a strategic advisor, accelerating high profile projects for innovation and business development. Drawing from an extensive global community of multinational stakeholders, influencers, suppliers, contacts, and other professional resources – from C-level executives, Nobel Laureates, start-ups, SMEs, trade organizations, policy makers and grassroots impact entrepreneurs – in a variety of industries, and with various RFPs, budgets and KPIs.

He has an profile of networking and production skills that started back in his years in Los Angeles and New York through prestigious collaborations with Hollywood directors such as Brian Singer and Michel Gondry; commercial houses such as Johnson Burnett, A Band Apart (Former Quentin Tarantino company), Chelsea Pictures and Dreamcatcher – as well as internationally renowned studios like Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros.  Brian has also been a member of the Screen Actors Guild for many years.

Someone who has worked tirelessly to build a professional network of 10,000 first level contacts in supply-chain, agriculture, food, health, energy, Fin Tech, tech and business leaders – including many of your start-up colleagues, and individual, company and academic partners. Building an innovation network of partners such as Money 20/20, EU Start-up Summit, 4YFN, Mobile World Congress, Corteva, Driscoll’s, Sainsbury, Nestle, SAP, RISE, IFPSM, UPS, Blockchain World Expo, Smart Cities World Expo, IoT Solutions, London Tech Week, the City of Barcelona, Amsterdam and London. 

Producing the Bitcoin Foundation brand initiative and partnership trade fair and congress.  

Recognized as one of the top 24 influencers in the world of procurement.

Built a 13,000 member entrepreneur network with 10+ years of co-hosting, marketing and speaking at business events, monthly networking drinks, coaching, business listings and connecting business leaders.  

As well as speaking at numerous partner events (World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit | Mashable Social Media Day | IoT Solutions World Congress Global AgInvesting | Blockchain Expo Global Blockchain for Business Summit, publishing  articles (Inside Food & Drink), pitching their own EU Horizon 2020 grant proposal and networking with all level of influencers. 

Sharing a stage at the European Parliamentpresenting innovation solutions alongside several Members of European Parliament and the Head of Digital Innovation at the EU Commission. And a founding member of their ‘Standards for the framework of DLT use in Agriculture’ Working Group.


Willem van Oort, is a Dutch native and long time senior entertainment veteran, as former member of the board of Europe´s largest event producer, Stage Entertainment/ Joop van den Ende, Amsterdam.  He has produced and promoted events in all European countries, therefore offering a unique network of international contacts and suppliers. Disney´s Lion King to the 3 Tenors in professional soccer stadiums – from trade shows and conferences to hockey arena concerts, including Palais de Omnisports de Paris Bercy.

Van Oort Media was an active producer, promoter and rights broker for the live entertainment industry for the EU. Properties include: De La Guarda, Mama Mia, Mayumana, Cirque, Alvin Ailey, Arturo Brachetti, Puppetry of the penis, Blue Man Group, Cantors, Hilfiger Sessions with Wyclef Jean, Nena Daconte, Chambao, Javier Limon

Willem Van Oort produced in small venues up to Olympic stadiums in Barcelona, Earls Court, Amsterdam Arena, London Arena, Olympia Arena Munich, Fira Milan, Parken Stadium Copenhagen, Oslo Globe and many others.


Markus Cramer is a native German and a true specialist in Bidding & Tender, International Marketing and Communication Strategies.

He has a proven track record for successful international Bidding & Tender Projects around the world with a focus on the Middle East and Europe.  Since 2006, Markus has frequently traveled to the Middle East and has built an extensive network in the region.

Considered among the top players of his industry, Markus has focused on managing international bid projects, as well as advising key accounts on B2B and B2C strategies.  His prestigious clients included the Qatar FIFA 2022 Bid Committee, Qatar Railways, Vossloh AG and MMM Group.

He is on the Board of Directors at the Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce (Berlin, Abu Dhabi) and on the Board of Trustees at German Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce in Dubai.

Co-Founder of the Qatar Germany Partnership, located in Doha

Senator for Middle East, assigned by the Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade in Berlin.

Markus Cramer




  • We are international production professionals, we speak your language and are used to the high international standards that are required
  • We have the talent and the connections to give your event a creative edge.
  • We understand marketing and know what is key to keep distributors happy and to motivate top sellers
  • We are keen networkers ourselves and happy to make networking happening for our clients.  Substantial parts of our business are monthly and yearly networking events and conferences.
  • Hands-on involvement from the 2 founders / senior producers – supported by local and international team

We feel our best attribute is that we relate to the local culture and obstacles that may present themselves while giving you the unique services that you and your company are accustomed to at home. This is a one-of-a-kind creative, freelance laboratory that can adapt to meet your needs in the Spanish market.

Now we include a group of network professionals who’s experience range from Production, Design and Build-up, Tendering Bids, Trade Fairs, Social/ Digital Media, A/V and Team Building. Working remotely between Amsterdam, Barcelona and London.

Ask us how we can help you achieve success in your market!

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