Blockchain Integration

Project Development and Commercialisation


There are three parts of a project development team which we consider.

(1) the FOUNDING team which has created the product strategy and has the long-term vision;

(2) a team to integrate the TECHNOLOGY which aligns with the long-term vision; and

(3) the project commercialisation PRODUCTION team. 

Local Producer sits between the TECH and PRODUCTION teams, while having the tools and experience to align with a FOUNDING team as a project evolves towards successful penetration and scale.

We sit at your side of the table as we identify and engage providers, and implement best practices for: 

  • Prototype and MVP project development
  • Legal and Regulatory Guidance 
  • Tokenomics and Token Creation
  • Supporting documentation: White papers, Yellow papers, Terms of Sale, MOUs and Company Presentation
  • Answer the ‘why integrate blockchain solutions’
  • Digital Marketing Strategy/ PR
  • Technical and Security Auditing
  • Presale Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Token Sale Event 
  • Post Exchange Rollout


  • List us as internal advisor + your company listed on our profile(s)
  • Introduction to 3rd party providers
  • Identify industry events and media partners
  • Advise on internal and external Comms message, token sale best practices, tokenomics and event strategy