Blockchain Integration


We approach blockchain integration projects with Start-up companies and Enterprise partners like an event production. And a production is about many things, but most important is having experienced partners who harness the right business conversation and are resourceful about managing the unexpected realtime development and all the FUD that will become a part of the demand of implementing a project that will demonstrate measurable added value.

There are three parts of a production team to consider:

1 – The FOUNDING team that has created the platform and has the long term vision.

2 – The team to integrate the TECHNOLOGY on top of a blockchain, the smart contracts and your tokenomics into the platform’s long term vision.

3 – The MARKETING/ STORYTELLING production team – obviously, it is important that the founding team and tech team are a major part of this, but also important to have the right people to help with strategy as you go through the months of FUD.

We work mostly with the narrative around the TECH and project launch, while having a history and experience to align with your FOUNDING team’s vision.


We sit at your side of the table as we identify and engage providers, and implement best practices for: 

  • Legal and Regulatory Guidance 
  • Tokenomics and Token Creation
  • Supporting documentation: Whitepaper, Terms of Sale, MOUs and Company Presentation
  • Answer the ‘why integrate blockchain solutions’
  • Digital Marketing Strategy/ PR
  • Technical and Security Auditing
  • Presale Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Token Sale Event 
  • Post Exchange Rollout


  • List us as internal advisor + your company listed on our profile(s)
  • Introduction to 3rd party providers
  • Identify industry events and media partners
  • Advise on internal and external Comms message, token sale best practices, tokenomics and event strategy