Blockchain Integration

Project Development and Commercialisation


There are three roles of project development and the commercialization of products, services and experiences which we consider:

(1) FOUNDERS/ PROJECT OWNERS of the product and long-term vision;

(2) DEVELOPER/RESEARCH team to engineer/integrate the technology that aligns with the long-term vision; and 

(3) MARKETING/EVENT team to tell the story.

Local Producer sits between the DEVELOPER/RESEARCH and MARKETING/EVENT teams, drawing on 15 years experience relating to FOUNDERS to create, execute, measure, adjust and scale your Marketing, Experiences and Brand Communication strategies. Press and Events Page

We sit at your side of the table as we identify and engage providers, and implement best practices for: 

  • Prototype and MVP project development
  • Commercialization Strategy
  • Brand Experiences
  • Legal and Regulatory Guidance 
  • Tokenomics and Token Creation
  • Supporting documentation: White papers, Yellow papers, Terms of Sale, MOUs and Company Presentation
  • Answer the ‘why integrate blockchain solutions’
  • Digital Marketing Strategy/ PR
  • Technical and Security Auditing
  • Presale Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Token Sale Event 
  • Post Exchange Rollout


  • List us as internal advisor + your company listed on our profile(s)
  • Introduction to 3rd party providers
  • Identify industry events and media partners
  • Advise on internal and external Comms message, token sale best practices, tokenomics and event strategy