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The best event entertainment performers and groups in Amsterdam, Barcelona, London and throughout Europe.

We have discovered and developed the best creative artists, musicians, event entertainment services and specialty performers in Europe to create entertainment productions for your conference, congress, live event, advertising, branding or private function.   We have a large – but select – data bases of professional individuals and groups in Europe.  We work with unique event entertainment concepts and quality performers for all types of entertainment productions.  We work with our own in house choreographers and creative directors based in Spain, the UK and Europe.  We supply companies and or lead event agencies that are looking for world class and local artists, musicians, event entertainment or production support.  We are your locally based entertainment booking contact.  Our performers are award winning professional.



Event Entertainment Services (Click Photo for more info):

Professional Event Musicians/ Groups

Hostesses Costumed Talent

For a corporate gala, happy hour cocktail, wedding reception or just for some real professional Jazz, Samba, Rock & Roll and/ or quality music – our group of skill musicians can perform a range of jazz classics and originals, from contemporary hits to 1930 swing music.
Musicians from Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Sevilla, Valencia and every where in between.
To make a great entrance for your clients, try one of our unique costumed hostesses. We have 100´s of varieties to select from to help set the mood of your gala, branding event or fiesta! Let us know a theme or we can give you suggestions.

Event Dancers & Choreographers

Event Body Painting

Professional Dancers and Choreographers in Barcelona, Madrid and beyond.
Spain´s best Samba, Swing, Exotic, Belly, Capoeira, Jazz, Flamenco, African, Modern, Salsa and many more styles of dance for your event, party, gala or branding promotion.
If you want to highlight your company branding and bring attention to your event, advertising or fiesta - look no further than our professional body painted designs. A unique creation every time, that can be highlighted by using our interactive models, costumes, decorations and prop designs.

Flair Bartenders/ Juggling Bartenders

Vehicle Lamination/ Car Wraps/ Vinyls

Our Flair Bartending Professions preform rounds of 5-6 minutes of “flair” juggling, followed by the pouring of rounds of drinks that can be selected to match your company or brand´s profile. We bring all the mixers, alcohol, stemware and flair for as many drinks as you need.
Our professional vehicle lamination/ car vinyl team is experienced in the design, application, rental, chauffer and promotional use of these specialty car wraps. Our Hummer vehicles are the most popular, but we also use BMW´s, Mini Coopers, mini vans and large 55 seat bus, double decker buses and many more.

Samba School Musicians

Capoeira Dancers

The best of Brazilian Samba School performance in Barcelona.
Samba music is in 2/4 time (in two) with a high bass drum beat on the first beat, a lower foundation beat on the second beat, and highly syncopated rhythms played over the top. A bateria plays the rhythmical part, while melody instruments and singers play the tunes.
Groups of 5, 7, 9 or more perform this Brazilian martial arts that combines aspects of dance, music, art and acrobats. Original comes from a mixture of African and native Brazilian ancestors. This performance is guaranteed to attract attention and impress a public audience.
This performance can be combined with Batucada or Samba School performancers as well.
Las Ramblas Statues

Las Ramblas Statues

Specialty Performers - Cloud Dancers

Bringing the fun and creative experience of walking down the famous Barcelona Las Ramblas avenue to your event. The famous “Las Ramblas Statues” are wonderful opportunity for your company to have a little piece of Barcelona culture.

We work with the most professional members of the accredited Las Ramblas community and beyond. We have an extensive list of performers and artist to compliment your event theme.
Our cloud dancers are a unique creations combing dancing, LED costumes and animation to attract attention at any event or performance. Our team of professionally choreographed performers are sure to impress the audience.
We can combine these dancers with a variety of our talented DJs, Professional musicians or other spectacular performers.
Football Jugglers

Football Jugglers

Digital Dali

We have a variety of Football Jugglers that can perform at any promotional event - including the 2 time Spanish champion.

See our athletes in action at one of our recent events:
Our Digital or Regular Caricature artists can create 100´s of personalized portraits during your event. Either in normal clothes or as well in character dressed as Dali or Picasso.

Stilt Performers

We have a variety of custom stilt performers; from Gaudi to Flamenco - Acrobatic and illuminated performances to fit our customers branding and themes.
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