Local Production Services – International Quality!

We offer local Spanish contacts but with the service you are accustomed to at home.  Local Producer is a unique combination of Spanish, European and American senior producers, with over 50 years combined of production services experience in commercials, television series programs, music videos, documentaries, still photo shoots, feature films, live theatre and more.

Bids & Budgeting

Allow our local experience find you the best quotes and experienced providers


Managing Local Accounts – We can guide you through the local red tape

Pre Production, Permits and Scheduling:

Do not fall into traps by not knowing the local production language


Talent, Choreographers and Background – We have a large roster of international and local talent, with the experience to manage them all.


Scouting, Permits and Management – We take pride in finding the best location, little known places and how to secure permissions for them.

Post Production:

Film Stock, Lab Processing and Editing Services

Crew Hire:

Bilingual DPs, Camera Operators and Crew

Equipment Rental:

Camera, Audio Visual and Grip Rentals

Studio and Production Facility Hire

Production Design

Set Design & Construction, Decorations, Props & Creative Interior Designs, Sculptures, Ephemeral Architecture, Stage Production, Decorations, Furniture, Prototypes, Scale Models, Illumination, Special Effects and Fashion, Music & Performance Scenery.

Catering on Location

Vehicle Hire:

Specialty & Heavy Vehicle Hire, Stunt Drivers and Private Transportation

Accommodations: Hotel and Travel Services

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