Deloitte / deOtter Creators Executive Partner Meetings

Location: Barcelona Beaches/ CCIB/ Maremagnum

Local Producer collaborated with deOtter Creators when Deloitte Amsterdam wanted to have their executive partners meetings in Barcelona at the end of the summer. For this corporate management event, we created a unique lounge setting on the sands of the Barcelona beaches with 350 bicycles to the beach, a full variety of beach games; American and European football, 4 volleyball courts, Ultimate Frisbee and full catering and bar. We also created a live Flamenco fusion entertainment for their conference at the CCIB and unique entertainment and ‘Las Ramblas’ statues for their black tie gala at Maremagnum.

[Deloitte] would like to thank us all for the great Partner’s meeting, [they said] it was probably their best!! – deOtter

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