Marc Ecko Unlimited & Licensees Meetings – Barcelona

Ecko Wall

_MG_7364oporto2   Marc Ecko Branding Event Barcelona

Marc Ecko Unlimited Clothing came to Barcelona for 3 days of internal meetings with representatives of their company from around the world and align their storytelling strategy going forward. At a critical time in the company’s growth, we gathered their entire company and partners together in Barcelona to discuss their latest product lines, create a stronger connection with their licensees and to focus on their company branding.  LP was asked to help Marc Ecko personally to design and implement a program for this entire brand activation. We worked closely with the top representative of Marc Ecko to achieve their goals successfully.

Three days of sharing ideas and products in our custom designed and built showrooms; and we help facilitate speaker presentations to inspire the narrative, including Marc Ecko´s keynote presentation, small group workshops, entertainment and two nights of food and relaxation for the 200 invited guests.

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Marc Ecko Clothing Int. Conference, Licensee & Branding Experience 2012 from Local Producer on Vimeo.