Nokia Mobile World Congress Client Gala 2012, 11, 10, 09 & 08

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Nokia Game Show    Nokia Branding Gala 3 GSM Conference

Location: GMSA La Fira, Barcelona La Llotja, Palau Sant Jordi, la Fabrica Can Batllo, ONCE and many smaller locations

For the 5th year in a rNokia Branding Gala 3 GSM Conferenceow, Local Producer has worked with Nokia in coordinating events and implementing creative design and entertainment services for their Mobile World Congress Gala and events in Barcelona. It was a great success and our entertainers received high marks!

2012, theme was recreating aspects of Barcelona street live and culture to help promote the launch of their new 41megapixel Lumia 808 phone.  We had street musicians, samba dancers, Las Ramblas Statues, Character artists, Table Football, Flair Bartenders and more, during 2 days of happy hours and networking.
2011, was more business meeting focus by Nokia.  We were the local producers for the press conference and welcome cocktail at La Llotja, then all the conference activities for Nokia at three other exclusive meeting events during the conference.

Nokia Branding Gala 3 GSM Conference2010, the theme was Rock and Roll. Local Producer coordinated every aspect of local production, logistics, entertainment, location, the Nokia clients and their guests at la Fabrica Can Batllo – including our swing dance team.

2009, we were in Palau Sant Jordi for the Gala, with a game-show atmosphere and entertainment.  Again, LP coordinated every aspect of local production for the Gala and conference.

2008, LP coordinated every aspect of local production for the Gala and conference, including our acrobats and live performers.

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