Barcelona City Trivia/Who´s Who of Barcelona


Barcelona City Trivia/ Who´s Who...





Today we will be playing a team activity to challenge you ability to adapt, react and think quickly and logically.  To communicate – in your language and new languages – to participate and cooperate!

Most importantly to relax and enjoy!

We would start this activity at the time you need at your hotel (if it is at a central location) or one of many easy meeting locations.  We would have a quick introductory and greet for your group and the guides.  We would like to put your group into smaller teams of 7-8 with each group having a guide.  These guides are not to solve the clues or do the activity for your teams but simply to be there so they do not get lost and offer simple advice.  We look at these as a fun, informative team experience and the guides are great to help move teams along the route.

Each team will read through their booklet and will be explain the concept of the game by their guide.

Your guide will walk you through the city center to our Trivia/Who’s Who stations located at designated points of Barcelona interest.  We will use points of interest based on famous buildings, the history of the area or of famous people.  Each station will have a category assigned to you based on one of the following; Geography, Entertainment, History, Arts & Literature, Science & Nature, and Sports & Leisure.

At each station, the guide will have a booklet of questions and short Who’s who to answer about the points of interests.  The group will have to use the points of interest, people on the street or any other resource they discover within the immediate area, to answers our question.  They will not be allowed to use their phones, internet or the guides for answers.    The questions will be short answer or True/False.  The questions will be created by our group of official Barcelona city guides and our experience team.  We create and explain these types of questions all the time within our activities and city tours.

Within the areas, we will have bonus activities that the groups will participate in – Simple fun activities that they will be able to complete in a few moments to gain bonus points – Brain teasers, very simple physical activities and fun test of personalities.


We will focus on the Borne, Gothic and Port Vell neighborhoods.  Normally we have clues at the Palau de Musica, Parc Ciutadella, the Gothic Cathedral, the Cathedral of the Mar (Sea), Plaza del Rey and Plaza Reial, for example.

At the end of the event, the guides will collect the answer booklets and we will calculate the correct True/False answers, short answers and fun activity points.  Then we will have a small gift for the winning team.

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