Barcelona Karaoke Music Video Star


Barcelona Karaoke Music Video Star





Ever want to be a rock star?!  Well here is your chance!  This has been one of our most successful group activities.

Before you hit the streets with your personal videographer, your group is divided into bands of 4-5 members each. We help you in coming up with a storyline and style for your video. And then we head out into the city and film your bands putting their ideas into action. Our videographers will help you find the perfect spots for each shot!

Then we take you to our studio set-up, where you get to perform live. The song is played for you and you just have to sing along  it’s easy and great fun.

Your studio performance is filmed against a green screen, allowing our inventive editors to superimpose a variety of images in post-production, making your video that much more impressive.

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