Barcelona Olympic Archery Team Activity


Barcelona Olympic Archery






Do you remember the fiery arch jumping from the stadium floor in the 1992 Olympics?  Did it leave an impression?

We have created a group events with the architects of this important moment in Olympic history.

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We will take your group to the Olympic stadium.  We will talk about the perceived importance of the moment of lighting the 1992 Olympic flame.  The importance for everyone involved in making that moment happen to the impression it left on the world.
The group will be able to visualize the challenge of the lighting of the flame while hearing accounts of the importance of the perception of this single moment.
Then we will go to the Castel Montjuic to further demonstrate the significance of the area and its history.  Our group will go into the Castel grounds and will be explained the technique and science of archery by our professionals and then be allowed an opportunity to experience the physical action of shooting an arrow.

All while viewing the spectacular Barcelona skyline!