Mediterranean Raft/Boat Team Building


Barcelona Raft Race Team Building






Working with our exclusive local yacht club, we will organize a creative day in the surf and sun.

We will divide your group into smaller teams.  We will demonstrate basic nautical safety measures and teach basic sailing terms and procedures.

Each team will be given a separate place and a collection of nautical supplies to build their own raft.   The main pieces will be two kayaks, four paddles, nautical rope, plastic poles, cloth materials and little surprises.  All the teams will be given a time limit to create a working, floating raft using all of the pieces that we supply, and then the team (all members) must paddle, push, and move their rafts out into the sea.  The teams will have to maneuver the raft out to a buoy and back.  Everyone must participate in creating the rafts and racing the boats for their team to be considered successful.  All the pieces must be used in creating and/or moving the boat.  We will have people on hand to help with the creation of the boats.  We will have extra obstacles for the teams to master, for example, each boat must have certain types of nautical rope knots holding pieces together.

We supply the wet suits, nautical supplies, safety boats, buoys, first aid and location to change and shower afterwards.

We can also combine this with a celebration drink and/or lunch on the sands of Barcelona at the yacht club.

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