the Data-Smart Farmhand

Digital Food System on the Blockchain

There is so much data out there to help feed the world a healthy and sustainable diet. We want to make that information work better for you.

· What if there was a platform of real-time, virtual and transparent soil data to improve agriculture products and digital services?

· What if agricultural companies could position themselves closer to farmers as it looks to evolve more effective products and digital services for a more resilient food system?

· And what if organizations could promote its products in a marketplace where participants who engage and share data would be compensated, in efforts to build further trust with intermediaries and farmers?

The Data-smart Farmhand platform (DSFH), in collaboration with the University of Cambridge Resilience and Sustainable Development Programme (RSDP), is an open innovation ecosystem and marketplace for gathering and recording soil data in efforts to create a soil digital twin. Importantly, we integrate blockchain smart contracts to facilitate secure access to the platform and verify user’s data sovereignty to more easily share and compensate those participants which share their data. 

To be clear, participants can earn extra value (MONEY) for sharing their data on the platform. Which incentivises the development of a more comprehensive overview of how we track and trace data usage to help all stakeholders to fight soil degradation, and improve and maintain soil quality, sequester carbon and encouragesoil regeneration, while improving the sustainability of agricultural practices. As well as the development of better digital tools and services for farmers to grow better, more nutritional yields, while increasing their return on investment. This could be accomplished by using the shared data to analyzes what-if scenarios, and to build conformity in developing a packaging environmental-label framework.