The 3GSMA Mobile World Conference has come and gone in 2012.  For our 6th year in-a-row, Local Producer España organized live, local musicians and performers for Nokia and their production company.

Since we arrived in Barcelona 8 years ago – when we were discovering local musicians and helping to develop the concept for the music documentary Playing for Change – Local Producer has taken great pride in working with the local Spanish music scene.  This year was no exception at the MWC.  Our goal each year is to convince visiting clients to hire more local performers, instead of importing them, for their entertainment.  This year we had several local acts perform over two days at the Fira conference center – all received glowing reviews from the public and the client. 

The first day was highlighted by some smooth saxophone by Lucila Ciocoletto on the conference floor and then jamming with Nokia´s own DJ Hannu during Happy Hour.  Later, Lucila was joined by her guitarist, Leonardo Ferrari for a duet performance.

Day 2 at the Nokia ´Adventure in Barcelona´Happy Hour was kicked off by the Bella Union String Band, this collection of Barcelona all-star musicians was put together specifically for this performance.  They played a set of original songs and jams driven by the violin strumming of Naomi Wedman and vocals by Daniel Dodds.  These Barcelona-based performers regularly tour in their various groups throughout Spain and Europe.

The finale was a performance by Local Producer´s own Barcelona Brazilian Samba School lead by Ms. Fernanda Accorsi Santos.  Dancing through the crowds and accompanying the beats of DJ Hannu to rounds of applause.

We would like to share some highlights of their performances and again ask our followers to support live local music.

Barcelona is lleno de talented performers struggling to survive and still produce their music.  Local Producer would like to help.  If you are a local musician, we want to hear from you so we can have you on file for productions and events.

Local Producer has a large network of music professionals – record label executives, band managers, film students that want to make music videos, sound techs, other musicians and fans that appreciate live music.

Our goal is to ´keep music live in Barcelona´

If you are an interested musician or have a band, please email us with a clean concert video, a few photos, a short description of your project/ style of music and the instruments.  If you have a festival or concert coming up, let us know so we can talk about it.

We will use this to promote your band.  Please keep in mind, the easier you make it for us, the quicker we can start to promote your music.

We appreciate your efforts and will see you on stage soon!