Músics al Metro BarcelonaThis weekend, the Music in the Metro festival celebrates its 10th year in Barcelona.

It will be in full force from the 24th til the 26 of November, from 17:30 – 21:30 at the metro Universitat.


Local Producer´s Brian Heinen was asked to participate in a special 10 year anniversary exhibit of Live Music in the metro (Barcelona), by producer Acardi Poch (Kognitif Platform Productions) to open the festival.  Brian´s interview about the live music scene in Barcelona was featured in a video that is on display in the Sala Merce in the Metro Diagonal station,   (See Video below)

After various live music productions in Spain; starting with the local production of the “Playing for Change” documentary and continuing to the Local Jam  and Tommy Hilfiger Sessions platform (http://localproducer.es/eventplanning/), Brian has an extensive perspective of the direction of local live music.

Brian discusses in the interview his belief that the local public and musician need to be more proactive in supporting the music scene through the education on the value of live music.  He describes how, “it is not just enough to view free concerts supported by the government, but to understand the importance of paying for the right to have quality live music.”  Brian believes, “Quality music is a privilege, not a right and the public should feel the need to pay or commit for it.  The public should want go to hear live music – not only for the brand name musicians – but for the culture and recognition of the live music venues.”

View more about what Brian (8min 40 sec.)  and others in the Barcelona music scene had to say in the video: