Local Producer can develop an array of abstract modern and cool contemporary home objects, furniture or design elements for your event or production services needs.  All with flat-pack, folding and bending properties suitable for CNC machines, laser cutting and/or three-dimensional printing. Interactive illumination and multicam laser cut tables 2

Interactive illumination and multicam laser cut tables

These design elements can also be illuminated, which, if desired, can interact with the users presence. Bar stools, bar tables, lounge chair and coffee tables provide several seating options for an event space. DEMO Interactive Furniture   Design Elements can also include touch screens for free hand or our custom-designed, retro, video game programs.Interactive Touch Screen Table SCREEN VISUAL REFERENCES (Note: We do not own these videos they are just to give example of something we could recreate ) •Freehand http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1T2veycjpTI Retro Games Examples

Other furniture pieces can be fabricated by request.

Laser Design Bar TablesInteractive_Tables4Laser Design lamps

The design of these elements could be reworked in order to fit the aesthetic of the overall collection and client´s tastes.  For example, the cushion color could be changed and a pattern that references the client’s logo could be added. Event tables and stool which incorporates illumination into the design. Fabrication of the furniture pieces will be executed in Barcelona by our in-house design team.  Our design center is capable of producing objects from houses to electronics. Furniture Fabrication will be facilitated by the 400W Multicam Laser that has an effective work area of 1500mm x 3000mm. Multicam Laser machine Barcelona