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Local Producer is your remote strategic partner for clients that are looking to implement live corporate event planning, production services, entertainment and creative programming in the most dynamic global business and entertainment destinations of Europe, Middle East and now – Brazil.  A freelance production team of local experts for distributed event planning agencies, based in London and Barcelona, with remote offices in the city centers of Amsterdam, Doha, Madrid, London, Los Angeles and São Paulo.  Our specialties are the creation, planning, design, production and the communication of live events for interactive branding platforms and trade fairs. We offer a wide array of services, tailored to meet the exact requirements, specifications and budgets of our clients. We can provide you with event planning, landmark venues, creative ideas, branding and entertainment all in one package!

1: Conceptualizing, production planning and creation of live shows, trade fairs, congresses, advertising, branding experiences, concerts, installations, music videos, corporate and incentive events – then the development of ideas into ready-made productions

2: Overseeing the production services of such events and managing the operations, budget, design, logistics and coordinating third party providers from beginning to end, turn-key solution

3: Marketing, Social Media and Communication around such events to make sure that through our extensive network of media partners and through third parties the brand and the message is delivered to as many possible B2B and B2C eyeballs

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Event Technical & Artistic Production Design Services

Our studio of design and production of artistic resources of architecture, interiors and landscaping is based in Barcelona and London for event planning and production services. We also work remotely in Europe, Middle East and Brazil. We produce creative interior designs, sculptures, event ephemeral architecture, original branding sets & construction, stage production, decorations, furniture, prototypes, scale models, illumination, special effects, trade fair stands & displays and fashion, music & performance scenery.

Event Entertainment Services

nokiaroundThe best event entertainment performers and groups in Barcelona, London and throughout Europe. We supply companies and/ or lead event agencies that are looking for World Class and/or local artists, musicians, event planning, production services, entertainment or support. We are your local based booking contact. We book the best creative artists, musicians and specialty performers for VIP events. We have a large data base of professional individuals and groups to choose from in Europe. Our performers are award winning and professional.

Event Planning, Production Services, Entertainment and Creative BLOG:

This is our portal to investigate, share advice and offer information about the event planning industry & the remote production market in general.  Highlighted by activities and projects that we have created, developed and produced under the Local Producer Ltd company.

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Event Communication & Mediagirlround

Welcome to the Social Attention Age! A time when a person can create and consume information instantly and freely. With an increased abundance of available information, specifically on the Internet, Digital Social Media is the fastest and most efficient media to promoting your brand and promote your event planning. Let us help you make your business stand out in the Digital Market. See what we are doing for other companies and how we create the synergy between on-line social media and off-line events and productions. Social media alone is believed to be causing the biggest cultural shift since the Industrial Revolution. Social Media Marketing offers a powerful and cost effective marketing solution. It allows your business to be in direct contact with existing and new clients. It makes your brand more personable, trustworthy and approachable through user-generated content (UGC) or consumer-generated media. The way we do business is forever changed .

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